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VIP Rewards – Overview

Set up an account to earn VIP Rewards from Tastefully Simple.

When you shop my website  you will earn points for your purchases.

By setting up an account, you automatically will get 50 points.  Already have an account?  No worries, everyone who has an account prior to Feb 5, 2024 will also automatically get 50 points.

More VIP Details

Here is how it works:

  • For every $1 you spend, you get 1 point.  ( round up and down, so $1.80 will give you 2 points, $1.40 will give you 1 point)
  • When you accumulate 100 points you will earn a $10 coupon.
  • Coupons may be redeemed on all purchases on my website except TS to You.
  • TS to You purchases do count towards VIP Rewards.
  • There is no cost to be a VIP member
  • Points do expire after 6 months, so points earned today will expired 6 months from now,  Points earned next month will expire in 7 months.
  • Points many be redeemed up to 50% of  your product total so if you are purchase total is $20, you can use up to $10 in your voucher total.
  • You will get an email regarding your VIP points. as long as you are opted in for messages.
  • You can check your account anytime by logging in.
  • Once we get a report that is being developed, I will also remind you if you have points expiring.

How to Sign Up

Sign up is easy!

  1. Go to my website
  2. Click on sign in (upper right hand corner), even if you do not have an account
  3. Click on Create Account under New Customer 

Earn 50 points automatically by creating your account and start earning points on purchases.