April Showers bring May Flowers AND Limited Time Offers!  

Hi There!

I am Gail Jusiewicz, an Independent Consultant with Tastefully Simple. My passion is to make it easy and fun when cooking at home. If you’re looking for recipes or easy tricks to get dinner on the table, you’re in the right place. I can’t wait to get to know you better and support you as you ditch the take out and turn to cooking at home.

If you decide you are interested in hosting a party, I am your gal!   I love to meet new people and have fun with a great bunch of people, whether in person or online.  ‘

I also love to introduce Tastefully Simple as a business for those who may be interested.   I am here to answer any questions so you can make a decision that is right for you

Be sure to say hi! I would love to connect.

Where You Bring the Fresh – We Bring the Flavor

April Updates

Spring into Savings

As we move to our new label and clear the shelves of our Fall Winter products, you will be able to save on products.

There are still discounted products!

Check my newsletter page out for details!

Shipping Changes

Tastefully Simple has outsourced its shipping process.

The change started on March 19th. Shipping moved to Indiana. 

There was a freeze on shipping starting March 19th until March 26th. 

Shipping has begun, but the process has run in to some bumps.  They expect to be caught up by Friday, April 5th.

This hopefully will result in orders shipping quicker and arriving earlier, in addition to holding the cost of shipping down.

New Catalog Is Here

The new Spring Summer catalog has launched (February 5th).

As with the Fall Winter catalog, details can be found right here on this sight. 

VIP Rewards are Here

Tastefully Simple’s NEW client loyalty program rewards clients (those who have an account) with points that convert to coupons they can use on future purchases.

Click here for more details

Hello April Newsletter

I am getting positive feedback on the new format for my newsletter.  This will allow me to archive my newsletters.

Most content has been put on one page to save you from jumping from page to page.

There is a new LTO item coming, check it out on the newsletter.

DSA Product Innovation Award

Dips to Dinner Spring Summer is available and features all standard recipes.

This is the perfect gift for a friend, loved on, employee or yourself.

It is also perfect to learn how to use our products beyond “the dip”

TS to You is Back!

With the focus on standard products our Auto Ship program is perfect for staying stocked with the products you use to make the recipes you love.  Get the products you love and regularly use on a regular basis AND get VIP rewards.

My First Scroll Party

Last month I had a Pop-Up Party in my Facebook VIP Group.   

For those of you not on social media, you are not able to participate or host on of these

My website host has scroll party formats that we can do right here on the webpage.

The Party will be on Sunday April 14th at 4 pm


If you’re new to this company, Tastefully Simple is all about simple to prepare delicious food and beverage. I first discovered our dip mixes and was hooked. I love sharing our products because we are so much more than a dip company.  Our products are versatile and can make anyone look like a chef!



If you know TS, you know you can use our seasonings to both flavor you meals and make dips!  So Simple and So Tasty!

Batch Cooking!

Makin Magic Chicken and Mom’s Favorite Taco Seasoning Value size were designed for batch cooking, but here is a secret:  1) Makin Magic Chicken can be  used for any protein 2) You can use anytime, not just for batch cooking

Meal Kits

Don’t know where to start?  Try a meal kit.  Hint:  Swap out recipes for other recipes on the website for even more variety.

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