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February 2024 Recipes

February Featured Recipes

Sausage & Tortellini Stir-Fry

A nice quick night meal.  Don’t have a griddle?  A pan will work fine.

A stir-fry done on a flattop griddle. Sausage, tortellini and veggies stir-fried with Dried Tomato & Garlic Pesto Mix.

Parmesan Peppercorn Dressing

A creamy and peppery dressing perfect for drizzling on salads or for dipping veggies, chips and French fries.

Grilled Meatballs with Sweet Heat Sauce

These sweet and spicy grilled meatballs are the perfect appetizer for any gathering.

It takes advantage of our new Sweet Heat Sauce!

Taco Chicken Quesadillas

Grab a value size of the Mom’s Favorite Taco seasoning.

So easy to make and sure to be a hit,

Recipes Featuring Perfectly Potato Cheddar Soup Mix

Tex Mex Chicken Chowder

News Flash!  It is still winter and this soup is perfect for those cold nights.

It takes advantage of some of your favorite standard products: Perfectly Potato Cheddar Soup Mix, Onion Onion and Garlic Pepper Seasonings.

Perfectly Potato Cheddar Quiche

Just because it is a soup mix does not mean you can only make soup with it.  This is a fan favorite!

The soup mix is the only TS ingredient you will need.

Cheddar & Spinach Egg Strata

Delicious Cheddar and spinach come together in this beautiful egg strata – perfect for Easter breakfast or brunch.

You will also need Onion Onion and Seasoned Pepper

Perfectly Potato Beer Cheese Soup

Hearty potato with the taste of beer cheese.

You will also need Bacon Bacon in addition to the Perfectly Potato Cheddar Soup Mix.

Valentine’s Day Sweets

Strawberries 'n Cream Pie

Take advantage of our brand new Berry Blast Cheese Ball Mix to make this yummy dessert for your Valentine!

Classy Mini Lava Cakes

This restaurant quality, award winning dessert makes use of our Classy Chocolate Pound Cake!

Serve with some ice cream to make your honey, your Valentine


Classy Chocolate Valentine Cupcakes

Make Valentine’s Day a treat for  your co-workers with these fun cupcakes using Classy Chocolate Pound Cake.



Almond Boston Cream Pie

The sponge cake is replaced by our Absolutely Almond Pound Cake in this simple Boston Cream Pie.