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May Recipes

Sweet Heat Grill™ Sauce Recipes

Sweet Heat Grilled Chicken

Who likes simple?  Who loves to grill?

Chicken thighs seasoned with Seasoned Pepper, grilled and finished with Sweet Heat Grill Sauce.  Newsflash – Chicken breasts will work  just fine as well.

Sweet Heat Pork Chops

Keep that grill warmed up!

Pork chops are seasoned with Ultimate Steak Seasoning and grilled.  Next, they are finished with Sweet Heat Grill Sauce.

It does not get any easier than that.

Sweet Heat Baby Back Ribs

Baby back pork ribs seasoned with Ultimate Steak Seasoning, slow roasted then grilled and finished with Sweet Heat Grill Sauce.

Who wants to add this to your menu.

Grilled Turkey Tenderloin

Another Sweet Heat grilling creation.  Of course it is also simple!

Turkey tenderloins seasoned with Ultimate Steak Seasoning and grilled with Sweet Heat Grill Sauce.

Classic Taco Salad

Mom’s favorite taco meat atop Romaine lettuce with all the classic taco toppings and drizzled with Salsa Ranch Dressing.

Salsa Ranch Dressing

Classic Ranch dressing combined with salsa for the perfect Tex-Mex salad dressing…or for dipping tortilla chips.

Use this on the Classic Taco Salad Recipe posted here.

Grilled Veggie Vidalia Quinoa

Such a fresh side!  Grilled zucchini, onions and peppers tossed with quinoa, Vidalia Onion Dressing and feta cheese.

You need to add seasoned salt and Vidalia Onion Dressing your cart, if you want to try this recipe.

Orange Dreamsicle Icebox Cake

The weather is warming up and you this recipe is just waiting for you to impress your family and friends!

Orange Dreamsicle Bar Mix transforms into a perfect refreshing dessert for warm summer nights or backyard get togethers.

Memorial Day Recipes

Bayou Bourbon Bacon Dogs

Hot dogs are  wrapped with bacon, grilled and basted with Bayou Bourbon Glaze. Served in brioche buns topped with grilled onions and jalapeño peppers.

You will need to turn folks away.

The "Manly" Bacon Burger

Who loves bacon?  These tasty burgers have 3 types of bacon for the perfect burger.

The recipe features Bacon Bacon and Smoky Bacon BBQ Sauce.

Newsflash:  Women love it too!

Sweet Corn Butter Bar

Is this fun or what?

Mix up a little butter, cook up a little corn and savor the days of summer!

The butter is flavored with Rustic Herb, Bacon Bacon, Italian Garlic Seasoning and Spinach and Herb Seasoning.

Chicken Cherry Pasta Salad

This simple pasta salad is a breeze to throw together with prepared Magic Chicken. Great for dinner or a get-together.

This would be great to serve at your gathering or to bring to someone else’s gathering.

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