Welcome to my very first Scroll Mystery Host Party

Wahoo! I am so glad to have you here for our Scroll Party!
Check this new party format out tonight (or when you see it) and complete the form at the bottom with the answers to my questions.  You could win a prize!
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Post 1 – Our Catalog

Have you seen the virtual Spring-Summer e-catalog yet? Tell me:
A) Yes! Love it!
B) I took a peek – but need a refresh!
C) Not yet! I need to check it out! 

Post 2 – Grab a Beverage

Watermelon Lime Frozen Drink Mix
Hmmm … what would you make with this drink mix?
  1. Watermelon Lime Margarita?
  2. Watermelon Lime Daiquiri?
  3. Watermelon Lime on the Rocks Mocktail?
  4. Watermelon Lime Cheesecake?
  5. Watermelon Lime Fruit Fluff?
One bucket, so many choices!

Post 3: Seasoning Assortment

We are so glad to have you here for the scroll party!
Quick question: Have you tried any of the Tastefully Simple seasonings yet? If so, which one is your “go to”?

 Post 4: Pick Your Party Experience

To help us plan for tonight, what types of Tastefully Simple party experiences have you attended or hosted?
Or are you brand new to Tastefully Simple?

Post 5: May Client Special – Sweet Heat Grill Sauce

There is something else sweet besides the warmer weather.. This is one of our newest sauce, and right now you can get it for just $6 with your $59 order.
Would you sprinkle this on chicken? pork chops? or a hotdog?

Post 6: What's Trending – Sunny Flavors

Did you know one of the food trends this season is sunny flavors? What a perfect time of year for lots of color!
What’s your go-to fresh berry? Strawberry? Blackberry? Blueberry? Use the form below!
I’ll share some springtime ideas below.

Dreamsicle Cup Cakes

These cupcakes taste just like the orange and vanilla ice cream treats you enjoyed as a kid – and they’re a lot less messy to eat!

Orange Dreamsicle Cheesecake

There’s no such thing as the perfect cheesecake- Oops! Turns out there IS … and it’s this
creamy, dreamy dessert! 

Lemon Drop Bars

Create some sunshine around the table with this sunny recipe.

Post 7: What's Trending – Perfectly Peppered

Who are my salt and pepper fans?

Would you say black pepper is a fruit OR a vegetable?

I’ll share the answer below along with some springtime peppery recipes.

Post 8: What's Trending – Salad Shake Up

Did you know that salad entrées are all the rage right now?
One of our NEW MEAL KITS is specifically all about salads, the Salad Shake Up 5-Meal Kit!
If DIY salad dressings are your jam, you’ll really want to see all these recipes in the kit!
Would you top off your amazing salad with steak? Shrimp? Chicken?

Garlicky Steak Salad

Everybody will LOVE this hearty Garlicky Steak Salad!

Pepper Ranch Chopped Salad

Creamy ranch with a pop of peppery flavor makes this chopped salad sensational!

Parmesan Peppercorn Dressing

Who knew homemade dressing could be so easy? Once you’ve tried this simple Parmesan
Peppercorn Dressing, you’ll never go back to store-bought!

Post 9: What's Trending – Outdoor Cooking

Where are my outdoor cooking fans?

Are you more grill, griddle or campfire?

Sausage & Tortellini Stir Fry

Who knew you could cook tortellini outdoors? This tasty dish is a fun one to try on your outdoor griddle!

Hibachi-Style Bayou Chicken Fried Rice

Want hibachi-style dinner at home? Try this recipe on your outdoor griddle.

Post 10: What Tastefully Simple Products Can I Use to Make a Spring Brunch Dish to Bring for a Family Gathering?

Often I get asked about recipes and my favorite dishes to bring. Here’s my go-to: Bountiful Beer Bread®. You can make it sweet or savory. It’s the perfect side to any brunch.

Butterscotch Breakfast Bread

If you said sweet, try this version. It’s delicious!

Everything Beer Bread

If you’d like to mix up a savory version, try this! It’s like an everything bagel, but better!

Post 11: What's Trending – One Pan Meals

The last trend of the night is one of my personal faves: one-dish cooking!
Feel like this cooking concept is calling your name? And seriously, if you eat on paper plates like me, the fewer cooking utensils to clean, the better! #winning
Check out the flavors below.

One Pan Chicken and Broccoli Fettuccini

You’ll never ONEder what’s for dinner again when you keep the pantry stocked with these
amazing one-dish dinner mixes. Try this one!

One Pan Meals

This WONDERful selection of one-pan meals answers the question, “What’s for dinner?” six tasty, fuss-free ways. Includes one of each of our flavorful, easy-to-prepare one-pan mixes. Seasonal item. Each mix serves 6. 

Post 12: Cocktails & Convos Combo

Who loves a pre-built menu for entertaining this spring?
In my opinion, this is a girl’s night out kit!
Did you know that purchasing kits and bundles saves you a few dollars?
As your consultant, I can totally help find product bundles that will work for your spring entertaining.
Are you thinking of more savory flavors or sweet flavors?  Comment on the form!

Post 13: Spring-Summer Food Trends

What was your favorite trend we shared?
Sunny flavors? Perfectly peppered? Shaken-up salads? Outdoor cooking? One-pan meals?
Let’s Wrap Things Up!
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