April Showers bring May Flowers AND Limited Time Offers!  

Host a Party, Get FREE Products

Most of my clients have been around the block.  They may have hosted parties and most likely have attended direct sales parties.

You know the drill.    Your friend Karen reaches out and says she is having a party.   You probably attend because you want to see Karen and your other friends right?  Hopefully you see something you really like, or you buy something just to help Karen.  Newsflash!  I don’t want you to buy ANYTHING just to help Karen.

I love Tastefully Simple parties because EVERYONE eats.  With Tastefully Simple, sampling products are the best way to see if that product is really for you.  Hopefully our products don’t clutter your kitchen.   If they do, you need to talk to me about using them up,

At my parties, I work with my hosts to set out samples of our products, typically 9.

We sample the products and talk about some related products in the catalog.

I like to play some related games like Tastefully Simple Bingo or a catalog scavenger hunt along with some fun prizes.

The best part is I like to keep the discussion and game playing to 30 minutes.  You are at the party to hang out with friends right?  I am still around if you have questions, but your time is important.

So, what do you get at my sampling party?

  • Hang out with me! I love meeting new people
  • Sampling products.  Who doesn’t love food?
  • Recipes!  If you don’t know already there are SO Many ways to use our products
  • Learning about specials you may have missed if you just placed an order.
  • An invitation to join my community.  I love spoiling my followers and customers with freebies from time to time so if you’re not in (GailJsVIPs on FB) or following (TSbyGailJ on FB), go do it now!
  • An invitation to Book a Party! Virtual or in-person. Either works for me! See below on what the host gets.  FYI – It’s an invite, not a request.  I don’t know  your schedule.
  • An invitation to join me as  a consultant so you can get your products paid for and maybe a little more cash!  All I do is ask.  It is your life.  I just would not want to offend you by not asking.

Virtual Parties can be on Facebook, a catalog party or right here on my webpage as a scroll party. My Facebook parties consists of a few pre-party posts, 5 posts per day for 5 days and some end of party posts.  I do not want to overload folks Facebook notifications.

What does the host get?

  • Hosts start getting hosts rewards ($$$ towards FREE product) with $200 in party sales.
  • If someone from your party books a party you also get a half price item.   By item, I mean ANY thing with an item number.   Items include Meal Kits, Collections, individual products and totes.
  • Every month we have a host special as well.
  • If your party is at the $500 level or more, you get FREE shipping on your Host Rewards, Your Half Priced Items AND your Host Special.

Who doesn’t like free product.?

I know folks hate putting friends in a position where they think they have to buy something.  We have a program called ship with friends.  If they only want an item or two, we can ship their order to you or someone else at the party so they can save on shipping.  I am also fine with letting friends know they do not have to buy anything.  We would just love their company.

So what do you think?   Time to have a party?  Reach out and let’s get you booked