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Solve that "What's For Dinner Question"

Be a Supper Hero and Solve The What's for Dinner Question

I am going to assume you are familiar with Tastefully Simple.    You may have attended a few parties.  When I go around a room and ask folks what their favorite products are I will typically get Beer Bread or Garlic Dip as answers.  Sometimes it is one of our desserts.  What I don’t get as an answer is “the recipes”.  Yes, our recipes are also our products, but these products are FREE!

Tastefully Simple has great simple solutions for entertaining with our Bountiful Beer Bread and our Dips, but so many are missing our best product.  The ability to get dinner on the table and being the hero of your family for doing so!  That is the best product we can offer!

So, how do you start?  Every season we offer meal kits.  Our meal kits are the best way to get started with using our products for more than entertaining.  Our meal kits are priced such that you are getting the products used for a lower cost that buying individually AND you get the recipes for FREE.  What else do you get?  Check out this list:

  • Ability to swap out a recipe from our recipe search if the one in the kit does not suit your family
  • Ability to swap out ingredients if your family does not like something like chicken for beef, omit the mushrooms.. You get the idea
  • No produce or proteins sitting on your doorstep for hours because you were held up getting home
  • Lower grocery costs because our kits are a fraction of the cost of others including your groceries

So where do you start?

Our 10 Meal Kits  this season are Protein Power, Love is in the Air Fryer and Grillin’ and Chillin’ .  These kits have grocery lists for 2 weeks, contain alternate ways to cook (aka – I don’t have an air fryer) and come with a beautiful recipe book. They also come with Make Ahead and Freeze Directions

The 5 Meal Kits this season are: Ultimate Burgers, Magic Meals (batch cooking for saving precious time) and Founder’s Faves (our CEO’s favorite meals).

So take a break from the dips and bread and explore the world Tastefully Simple has to offer.  Trust me! You will be so glad you did.