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Wow!  More than a decade with Tastefully Simple.  How did I get here?

Back in 2009, I was an Information Technology Analyst with a very demanding job, large mortgage and we found ourselves down 1 income.  I always thought about having my own business.  I wanted something totally different than the career I had for years.  It had to be something I was interested in.  Since I loved to try recipes and entertain, choosing an entertaining company was top of my list.  I choose Tastefully Simple because the products were repeatable, buy, eat, repeat…   As a side note, I never hosted a Tastefully Simple party and had only attended 2 parties.

What I found after I joined the company as an Independent Consultant was that Tastefully Simple as so much more than beer bread and dips.  Fast forward to present day.  I now can cook, not just follow recipes!  How did that happen?  As we introduce new seasonal products, I saw a pattern to making new dishes.  The seasoning blends make it so easy to whip a meal up.  I can use 1 seasoning blend instead of 5 individual seasonings.

Yes, I joined for the money, but that is only 1 reason I stayed with Tastefully Simple.  I can cook, I have made friends, I can take my husband on a vacation each year.  The list goes on and on.  Let’s talk about friendships.  So many of my clients are now friends.   I have friends who are consultants who live as far away as Washington State and Montana, to Texas and Florida.    I meet up with them several times a year.  Did I mention I retired from my career IT job?   Tastefully Simple gives me the interaction with people that I would not get had I not joined.

Oh and my the way, I can cook!

I hope you enjoy the blogs I post.  These are a collection of things I have learned and of things I will learn in the future, because my life is tastefully simple.